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GAR! The Glenn and Ray Podcast

Nov 29, 2013

This week's episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

Law and Order / tilapia and baby back ribs / Rib-It / onion ring masterpieces / back to Law and Order / the Potato Onion Web / French fries cause cancer / Shaft's father / we offend everyone / once more back into Law and Order / sailors week / why Ray is so smart / why Glenn is so dumb / Deptford Mall / TV stories of childhood / stupid Glenn's birthday / The Six Million Dollar Man / Scholastic magazines / secret origins / What If? / Doctor Doom / Wally Wood / Peanuts / Show'N Tell / Sears Wish Book / videogames of our youth / Glenn stinks at videogames / NaNoWriMo / The Make Mine Magic Podcast / Thanksgiving /


Law and Order Owner of Rib-It Passes Red Robin's Tower of Onion Rings at French Fry Diary CityWalk's Rising Star Karaoke at French Fry Diary French Fries Cause Cancer I Am Lesbian Dynamite magazine What If? Wally Wood Rob Kelly's Power Records Blog Hey Kids, Comics! The Sears Christmas Wish Book The Non-Gamer's Gamer's Blog South Jersey Writers membership is open Glenn's NaNoWriMo


Chili's Baby Back Ribs

GE Show'N Tell Record Player

Cyberball 2072 gameplay

Yar's Revenge gameplay