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GAR! The Glenn and Ray Podcast

Feb 27, 2015

This week's episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

the real intro / The Make Mine Magic Podcast / Snow / Camden Comic Con / Ray makes Glenn do math / Pulp AdventureCon / Darkest Africa / I want to own it / Green Hornet / Congo Bill / the serial stash / Captain America / Spy Smasher / wrestling DVDs / Wonder Woman and Spider-Man / Roman Reigns / Brock Lesnar / dirt sheets / steroids / face, heel, or anti-hero? / Raw walk off / Daniel Bryan / Reddit is the Devil / Grantland on Wrestlemania / taint / Sex Criminals on TV / The Wicked + The Divine / The Punisher in LA / Glenn's new Kindle / The Man in the High Castle / Bosch / retail hell and evil customers / The Beast / Facebook stalking / apology / closing / Chipotle and Twitter /

By the way, Glenn is forgetful, that's not Boy in Darkest Africa.


The Make Mine Magic Podcast

GAR! with Jenn Walker

GAR! Worst. Episode. Ever.

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Glenn Walker On… Wonder Woman

The Wicked + The Divine

Glenn's review of "Transparent"

Glenn's review of "Betas"

Glenn's review of The Man in the High Castle

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Darkest Africa parts 1-7

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